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最近有朋友问到一些外贸函电方面的问题, 刚好有空, 找了一些以往的一些邮件, 贴出来供大家参考。

1. 关于催促客户提货的:
To honored ….. Group
Attn: Mr. XXXX
Dear Sir,
You ordered three XXX lines from us in March 2008 and the agreed delivery time is in december 2008. We have finished the whole liines on time. In Jan 2009 we were informed by you to delay the shipment for six months. Unfortunately until now, we havn’t get any further indications about the delivery or inspection. The finished three lines in our workshop take a lot space and influenced our daily convenience. Considering the continuity and validity of this order, we requir you to confirm the new delievery date in written form by email or fax to us, so that we are able to make the following arrangment.

2. 关于跟客户讨论责任. (关于港口滞箱费问题)
Dear Mr….,
I’m greatly astonished when I got your last email blaming us with those unfair excuses which are lack of common business sense because you are supposed to be an experienced and professional business man all the time and not tend to make mistakes in common sense. So I think perhaps due to busy work and you forgot our previous advises by emails mentioning as follows.

1. the destination is exactly the same as that stipulated on P.O. Oakland Port. It’s been shipped from Qingdao port, china (Jun.24) via Los Angeles (Jul.9) to Oakland Port (Jul.17).You just need to take delivery of the goods at Oakland Port.

2. I sent you the invoice on 22nd June and shipping advice 29th june, and reminded you of the demurrage charge. You can look back the emails for this.I hope the above may help you remind the whole process of this business and make you clear about the responsiblities of the so called documents’ late receipt and extra charges which were definitely not our faults.

Meanwhile, According to UCP600 and its relevant regulations, under CNF trade term, our responsibility completes when the goods are loaded on board. So the already caused housing charges can not be borne on us in any means.We are doing business on basis of sincerity and fairness. Although 200USD does not count, we are not able to pursuade ourself to accept it if forced by some unreasonable excuses. Considering good business relationship, we’d like to hear your sincere words at the soonest if possible. Then we will decide how to solve the disputes and conclude this business.


3. 关于催促客户尽快确认订单的。
We regret to have heard nothing from you up to the present. Maybe you are busy and forgot about this, but we want to know your kind plan for this order of 1500000units EPO softgels. So please take this email as a reminder. We are not willing to take the wrong action to return all the materials to the factory unless we receive a wrong signal from you that you decide to cancel the order. so please inform us your plan for this order before 9th June, otherwise, we will take this as the wrong signal lead us to make the mistake which we are unwilling to.

4. 关于客户在合同执行中要求用LC付余款的。
Dear …
We are unable to accept L/C for the balance amount.

1. As you know, the goods are all ready for shipment completely. It will take time for us to prepare the documents for presentation and the bank also needs time to check and approve the LC. If some discrepencies occur, long time will be taken for ammendment. We are afraid that will influence the promp shipment, and futher more, influence your urgent leadtime.

2. For the Lc payment, each step is costly. The bank will charge for some dollars if any discrepancies happen. And this will reduce our margine which is previously small to smaller. To the above mentioned reasons, Please strictly carry out the contract and conclude the balance by T/T.

Thanks for your effort and cooperation!

时间有限, 就找了这么些。

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